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  • Do you work in the mathematical field or are you subjected to constant mental effort?
  • Do you find it difficult to do manual work or deal with practical matters?
  • Have you imposed a goal on yourself and feel the need for help to constantly improve?
  • Do you feel the need to find order and precision in your daily life?

  • Do the obstacles within yourself become more and more difficult to overcome?
  • Are you starting to convince yourself that there are no more solutions to your problem?
  • Do you feel the need to find balance?
  • Have you lost the desire to venture into something new?
  • Is your partner distant or do you feel it is time to renew your relationship?
  • Are you planning an important business appointment or waiting for a promotion?
  • Do you think you live in a world lacking in balance and harmony?
  • By making an assessment, have you noticed that your self-esteem is too high or too low?
  • Do you have difficulties communicating or expressing yourself to other people?

  • Can't trust others and think you might be betrayed?
  • Have you been betrayed and despite your efforts can no longer open your heart?
  • Have you lost sight of the right direction or do you feel the need to open your eyes on reality?
  • Do you feel that having your head in the clouds is distancing yourself too much from reality?         
  • Is there darkness inside you and you cannot bring back the light

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