Magosdj Desire Chest Treasure

  • Are you planning an important business appointment or waiting for a promotion?
  • Do you think you live in a world lacking in balance and harmony?
  • By making an assessment, have you noticed that your self-esteem is too high or too low?
  • Do you have difficulties communicating or expressing yourself to other people?

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in RODIO ha la forza del cielo

It corresponds with Card n. 23 of the book “Il Segreto Custodito'' (the kept secret), Magosdj ®

The Desire is connected to the leading and healing angel Melahel.

Melahel is the bearer of intelligence and protection, helping you to overcome deep insecurities and find harmony in a business or personal relationship.

The Desire gives the wearer certainty and balance, corrects any excesses or flaws of the ego, helping you to find your centering again.

With this jewel you will regain harmony, you will feel more confident in talking and expressing your thoughts with other people. Its powerful energy will help you to better manage your emotions.


It is a Unique jewel all over the world with an exclusive design and handmade finish created in our goldsmith's workshop. In the Jewelry box you will find the Seraphim Angel’s Wings made by hand from the cutting of the fabric to the final packaging in a magical place.  You can keep them next to you during the night or as a companion during the day, in your car, on your briefcase or on your bag. With your jewel and the Angel's wings beside you, you will benefit from all the good that they emanate.


Dimensions mm. 16.00 x 18.00

Weight g. 4.00 plus 0.50 golden nugget 9Kt.

Silver 925%

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