Magosdj First Aid Chest Treasure

  • Do you find it difficult to make your ideas concrete and carry them out in practice?
  • Do you feel the need to make rapid progress at work?
  • Do you feel knackered and think that the way you manage your energy is incorrect?  
  • Do you believe not to live up to other people's expectations or that you do not trust yourself?

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in RODIO ha la forza del cielo
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It corresponds with Card n. 18 of the book “Il Segreto Custodito” (The Kept Secret), Magosdj®


The First Aid is connected to the Angel leader and avenger Caliel.

Caliel is the bearer of justice and innocence: he helps you overcome difficulties and develop both work and practical activities.

The First Aid will make you feel plenty of energy and will give you a better understanding of your abilities.

This Great Power given by the Jewel is activated especially in case of very ambitious Projects: you will rediscover self-confidence receiving a help against adversities.


It is a Unique jewel all over the world with an exclusive design and handmade finish created in our goldsmith's workshop. In the Jewelry box you will find the Seraphim Angel’s Wings made by hand from the cutting of the fabric to the final packaging in a magical place.  You can keep them next to you during the night or as a companion during the day, in your car, on your briefcase or on your bag. With your jewel and the Angel's wings beside you, you will benefit from all the good that they emanate.


Dimensions mm.12.00 x 18.00

Weight g. 4.00 plus 0,50 Gold nugget 9Kt.

Silver 925%

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