These Conditions of Sale apply to purchases made on the Italian page serafici.it, subject to the exceptions and changes indicated below.

These Conditions of Sale and the related documentation comply with the applicable provisions of Legislative Decree 206/2005 ("Consumer Code").

Parties and Policy

This website, at the URL "https // seraphic.it", is managed by the company L’Armadio delle marvel with registered office in via Provinciale Nord 1- 2383 Taceno (Lc) Italy. VAT no. 03217550130. REA LC-310356 and registration number in the Business Register. Owner of the company Katiuscia Sirtori.

The products purchased on the SERAPHIC.IT will be sold by L’Armadio delle Meraviglie in its name by Sirtori Katiuscia.

Sirtori Katiuscia strongly believes in the protection of user privacy.

The purchase of products on the site Seraphic.it requires the user to read the privacy policy

Users are requested to consult the policy on privacy Seraphic for information on how to collect and process the personal data of users of the site Seraphic.it by Sirtori Katiuscia.

Purchases of products on the site Seraphic.it will be governed by the following terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter, the " Conditions of Sale ").

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1. Notes on these Conditions of Sale

These Conditions of Sale apply to all orders and all purchases made on the site Seraphic.it.

L'Armadio delle Meraviglie by Sirtori Katiuscia will send its communications electronically by email or electronic communication. Using this online channel, users acknowledge that all declarations of intent, offers, communications, disclosures and other notices will be issued or provided electronically, except in cases where the law provides for the same form written.

These Conditions of Sale may be changed from time to time by Sirtori Katiuscia, based on the specification relating to the new effective date of their validity on the site. Seraphic.it Any changes to the Conditions of Sale will apply to orders placed starting from the effective date (included), provided that the Conditions of Sale, as modified, are visible on the site as conditions applicable at that time.

Before placing an order for products, users will be given the opportunity to view these Conditions of Sale and will be asked to accept them.

This will also apply pursuant to art. 1341 of the civil code;

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2. Purchase through personal account or in "guest" mode

In order to place an order on the site Seraphic.it , the user can create a user account (username and password). The user is required to maintain the confidentiality of their password and limit access to their password and account, and assumes responsibility for every action performed, and for each purchase made, through their account.

Alternatively, the user can place the order in "guest" mode, without creating - or accessing - an account.

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3. Placing the order

To purchase products on the site Seraphic.it , it is necessary:

  • having accepted these Conditions of Sale and having read the privacy policy
  • provide your name and address, telephone number, email address, payment details and other requested information;
  • provide a valid delivery address (please note that L'Armadio delle Nazioni does not deliver to post office boxes or to automatic parcel distribution points. Orders are shipped by courier and therefore the signature of a natural person will be required at the time of delivery. delivery);
  • in case of payment by debit / credit card, be the holder or authorized holder of a valid debit / credit card to purchase the products; And
  • in the case of payments made via PayPal, be the holder of a PayPal account valid for the purchase of products.

The user can place an order by proceeding to checkout after clicking on the "ADD TO CART" button. The user accepts that his / her order / s is / are a purchase proposal for the product / s indicated in the order pursuant to these Conditions of Sale.

Each product order is considered a separate purchase. All orders are, then, subject to acceptance by L'Armadio delle Nazioni which reserves the right to refuse, without having to provide any explanation, any order (including, by way of example but not limited to, orders for which there is suspicion of fraud).

The user will be notified if Armadio delle Meraviglie decides not to accept the order. The user will have the possibility to review his / her order (s), to read and accept the Conditions of Sale, to check the total price and the characteristics of the order (s) and the information provided, and to correct any errors of insertion before confirming the order (s).

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4. Order fulfillment and contract formation

Once the order (s) have been finalized on the site Seraphic.it according to the instructions made available on the site through the procedure for placing online orders, L'Armadio delle Nazioni will send an email to the email address provided, confirming receipt of the order (s) and indicating the details of the product (s) ordered (hereinafter, the "Order Receipt Confirmation Email").

An order number will be provided to be used as a reference for each communication.

The aforementioned email does not constitute acceptance of the order (s): it is only a confirmation of receipt of the order (s) by Armadio delle Meraviglie.

The contract between the user and Armadio delle Meraviglie by Sirtori Katiuscia will be deemed concluded only when L'Armadio delle Meraviglie sends the user an email to confirm that the / the product (s) has / have been sent (hereinafter, the "Shipping Confirmation Email").

The Armadio delle Meraviglie will not archive an accessible copy of each version of these Terms of Sale. However, he will send an email with the Conditions of Sale applicable for each purchase together with the Order Receipt Confirmation Email, for future reference by the user.

The customer will not be able to transfer the purchase contract or the rights deriving from this contract to third parties.

Please also read the section " 12. Guarantees and legal rights " on this page .

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5. Prices, taxes and duties, shipping and handling charges

The price charged for a product will be the price indicated on the information / presentation page relating to the single product at the time the user places the order, and will be indicated on the confirmation page that will appear to the user on the screen after finalizing the order and in the Order Receipt Confirmation Email.

Product prices include VAT or other applicable taxes or duties, and include shipping and handling costs.

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6. Payment

Payments must be made using one of the methods indicated below, and chosen during the checkout procedure, ie by VISA, MasterCard or Paypal.

Depending on the payment method chosen by the user, the payment will take place in one phase (using Paypal) or two phases (using credit cards).

For credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), a debit authorization is required at checkout. The types of credit and debit cards accepted are also indicated at the foot of the page on the site Seraphic.it .

In the event that Armadio delle Meraviglie does not receive authorization, Armadio delle Meraviglie by Sirtori Katiuscia reserves the right to cancel the order placed by the user. The value of the purchase (s) will be charged to the respective card once the Armadio delle Meraviglie has sent the User the Shipping Confirmation Email.

In the case of payment with Paypal, the value of the purchase (s) will be charged at checkout.

It is specified that no computer archive will keep data relating to credit cards and therefore in no case can ADM be held responsible for any fraudulent and improper use of credit cards by third parties.

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7. Delivery

Shipping times are 3-5 business days for standard delivery and 1-2 business days for express delivery for available items, provided payment is received earlier of h. 15:00 on the day the order is placed.

In any case, Armadio delle Meraviglie still undertakes to ensure that, except in cases of force majeure, delivery takes place within 30 days of receipt by the user , of the Shipping Confirmation Email.

Deliveries are made only on the Italian territory. In specific cases, such as the COVID-19 emergency, which could slow down deliveries.

Each delivery will be preceded by the relevant invoice, sent by Armadio delle Meraviglie via email.

In the event that the user, without reasonable reason, postpones the delivery, or delays the receipt of the delivery after the notice from L'Armadio delle Nazioni that he has attempted the delivery to the user of the ordered items, or in the event that the user has provided an incorrect delivery address which resulted in the failure of the delivery, the package will be returned to Armadio delle Meraviglie, and Armadio delle Meraviglie will be relieved from the obligation to deliver the items within the established delivery deadline.

Orders with standard and express shipping are processed by express courier with email and tracking and a signature will be required upon delivery. The shipping number will be communicated to the customer to verify its traceability.

If no one is available for signature upon delivery, the courier will make a second delivery attempt the next working day. In the event of non-delivery even on the second attempt, the courier's representative will leave a note with the relevant contact details so that the recipient can contact the courier in order to organize the delivery according to their needs. We remind you that the object of the order will remain available at the courier's warehouse for 5 working days from the second delivery attempt.

The Armadio delle Meraviglie will not be responsible for delay or non-delivery, if the delay or non-delivery are caused by circumstances beyond its control including, but not limited to but not exhaustive, acts of war or terrorism, strikes, states of emergency at national or local level, failure of transport infrastructures, interruptions in the supply of electricity or other utilities, earthquakes, other natural disasters, postponements or delays in delivery caused by the recipient.

ADM's liability for disservices or prejudices that may arise to the customer for non-attributable causes and in any case for delays due to malfunctioning, failure or irregular transmission of information or causes will be excluded out of control, delays or drops in the system line, interruption in operation, lack of internet connection, interruption, suspension or malfunction of the postal electronic service or electricity supply, impediments or obstacles determined by provisions of law or by national or foreign authorities;

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8. Availability of products

If the product that the user intends to order is no longer available, the user will be technically prevented from placing the order on the site Seraphic.it . Furthermore, in a few exceptional and unpredictable cases, a product indicated on the site as available may no longer be available after placing the order; in this case, the contract between the user and Armadio delle Meraviglie will not be concluded and the user will be notified about it; the product, therefore, will not be included in the Shipping Confirmation Email that will be sent to the user. In the event that the payment is made before confirming the non-availability of the Product (eg via PayPal), L'Armadio delle Nazioni will reimburse the sums paid by the user as soon as possible and in any case within thirty days of the communication, by Armadio delle Meraviglie by Sirtori Katiuscia of the unavailability of the Product.

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9. Compatibility, product information

The user is requested to check, when placing the order, that the products purchased are compatible with the use to which the user intends to use them. We invite the user to use the Seraphic.it site as the ultimate point of reference when checking for compatibility. In case of discrepancy between the contents of Seraphic.it and any other site (or any other source of information), the compatibility of the products as indicated shall prevail on Seraphic.it at the time of purchase.

The user is requested to bear in mind that, due to the reproduction limitations of the images of the products on the screen, the exact color, size and design of the same on the screen may diverge from the actual characteristics of the products. Without prejudice to the above, if the products that the user has received do not correspond to those ordered, or if the delivery is incomplete or if there have been damage in transport, we invite the user, to receive assistance, to contact the Customer Service Center without delay. Armadio delle Meraviglie by email or by telephone within the terms of the law as indicated in paragraph 12.

The Seraphic.it Jewels are produced in 925% Sterling Silver with variants of 24 Kt Yellow Gold Plating. Rose 24 Kt., In Yellow Gold and White Gold 9 Kt, 14 Kt, 18 Kt.

It is advisable to pay particular attention to Plated jewels being more delicate, to avoid wear it is good to use the courtships suggested in the section “ CARE OF JEWELS ".

Each product is presented with the greatest possible care through a detailed description of its technical characteristics. the materials of which the product is composed are indicated and in the case of precious metals - gold and silver - the title (minimum quantity of precious material contained in the constituent material) is indicated.

If precious stones are present, their technical characteristics are indicated (carat, color, purity, etc.).

It also provides information on the maintenance and care of the product inviting customers to comply to avoid damage due to incorrect use.

The images relating to the various products are as faithful as possible to the object described but may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics due to the simple effect of photographic reproduction the cards can be updated and change at any time without notice.

Any inaccuracies relating to the product sheets that have a purely illustrative function do not constitute the responsibility of adm

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10. Ownership of the products

The ownership of the products, and the relative risk, are transferred from Armadio delle Meraviglie of Sirtori Katiuscia to the user upon receipt of the products by the latter .

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11. Withdrawal, return, exchange and refund

Right of withdrawal . The user has 14 (fourteen) calendar days available to withdraw from the contract with L'Armadio delle Nazioni for the item (s) purchased on Seraphic.it without obligation to provide any explanation, with unequivocal declaration, using the withdrawal form < / a> that you find inside the package, marking the product / s you want to return and possibly indicating a reason for return.

The module and the products you want to return must preferably be inserted inside the box with which the order originally arrived. If this procedure is not carried out correctly, the Customer Service Center may take longer to identify the user's order and proceed with the refund, subject in any case to the times indicated below.

Once the package has been prepared for return, the user must apply the prepaid UPS label on the package so that it is correctly visible, seal it securely and deliver it to the UPS Nearest Access Point (list available at the following link: UPS Access Points ).

The 14 (fourteen) calendar period starts from the moment of receipt of the item purchased on Seraphic.it or, in the case of a contract for the delivery of more than one item, from the moment of receipt of the last item of that contract. In order to respect the deadline of 14 (fourteen) days, the date on which the declaration of withdrawal is sent by the user will prevail. The declaration must be sent to: Armadio delle Meraviglie via Provinciale Nord 1 -23837 Taceno (Lc)

Legal consequences of withdrawal

In case of withdrawal, the products received must be returned within 14 (fourteen) calendar days.

If the products received, including any prizes / gadgets received at the same time as the purchase, cannot be returned, or can be returned only in part or only in deteriorated conditions, the user is required to reimburse the relative value to Armadio delle Meraviglie. The user is required to reimburse L'Armadio delle Nazioni for the deterioration of the products received only to the extent that such deterioration was caused by an act not dependent on the verification of the properties and functionality of the product by the same user. .

“Verification of product properties and functionality” means the testing and testing of the respective product as it would be possible and normal to do in a retail store (not online). Items that can be sent with parcel must be returned with parcel, while the costs and risks of the return shipment will be borne by the buyer.

The reimbursement of the amount paid by the user (including the initial delivery costs) will be made by L'Armadio delle Marvele within 14 (fourteen) calendar days of receipt of the products to be returned by the user, using the same payment method used by the latter when placing the order.

The period of 14 (fourteen) calendar days starts, for the user, from the moment of sending the declaration of withdrawal, while, for Armadio delle Meraviglie, such period starts from the receipt of the declaration of withdrawal. However, the user can assert his right to reimbursement only after receipt, by Armadio delle Meraviglie, of the returned item or in any case if he is able to provide proof that he has returned the item by period of 14 (fourteen) days provided. The right of withdrawal pursuant to art. 64 Dlg 206/2005 is reserved exclusively for consumers (natural persons who purchase goods not for purposes related to their professional, commercial, entrepreneurial activity.

Exceptions to the exercise of the right of withdrawal within the deadline.

The right of withdrawal is not recognized for items produced / REALIZED according to the specifications provided by the user or clearly adapted to his personal needs.

The item numbers starting with the letter S are SET of jewels. We therefore remind you that when the user purchases a set of jewelry and intends to return one or more products for a refund, it is necessary to return the entire set and it will therefore not be possible to partially withdraw from the order in order to return only some of the products made part of the set.


Without prejudice to the user's right of withdrawal as described above, in addition, if the user wishes to change an article (s), he has 30 calendar days from receipt of the of the same to replace the item (s) purchased on Seraphic.it , with the exception of products purchased in promotion for which conditions of specific returns.

The change can take place:

- via Seraphic.it , by contacting customer service;

Only new products, unworn and in perfect condition, can be exchanged.

For reasons of hygiene and safety, the earrings cannot be changed. The limited edition bracelets cannot be exchanged. If defective, both the earrings and the bracelets will be replaced according to availability.

At certain times of the year, Armadio delle Meraviglie reserves the right to extend the exchange and return period.

It remains in any case the possibility for the user to return one or more of the products received, within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of the same, exercising the right of withdrawal in forms and in the ways indicated in the relevant paragraph.

Change via Seraphic.it :

To make the change, the user must fill in the form in the section " contact us " del Seraphic.it by selecting the item "change size" and mentioning the product code and the desired size; the user will then be contacted by an operator. After being contacted by the operator, the user must follow the exchange instructions available in the package sent.

In the event that the exchange form found in the order received is not included in the replacement package, there may be delays in processing the exchange. Once the package has been prepared for return, the user must apply the prepaid UPS label on the package so that it is correctly visible, seal it securely and deliver it to the nearest UPS Access Point (list available at the following link: UPS Access Points ).

On the Seraphic.it it is only possible to change the size and then change the purchased item with the same item in a different size, it is not possible to replace the product with another of the same or higher value.

Once the product (s) has been received, L’Armadio delle Nazioni will send the product (s) in the new requested size.

The user can request the exchange of multiple products belonging to the same order, provided that they are returned together, within the email address ....... or by telephone, and request authorization to return products with a return form based on the return procedure .

If the user, after making a return request, does not then return the products, L'Armadio delle Nazioni reserves the right to charge the costs directly incurred by it to provide upon collection as originally requested by the user.

Armadio delle Meraviglie also reserves the right to request compensation for damage to the user for returned products that are damaged or used.

Once Armadio delle Meraviglie has received and approved the items returned, it will confirm receipt of the same to the user via email, also providing for a refund, which will be confirmed by email.

Armadio delle Meraviglie will refund, approximately, within thirty (30) days of receiving the email sent by the user, except for the Christmas period and other periods peak. Armadio delle Meraviglie may also offer the user, at his choice, the following options as an alternative to the right to reimbursement:

  • i) the user may specifically authorize Armadio delle Meraviglie to replace the original product with another product; o
  • ii) the user may specifically authorize Armadio delle Meraviglie to issue a claim voucher. The exercise of these rights is optional and is subject to the discretion and express consent of the user.

At certain times of the year, Armadio delle Meraviglie reserves the right to extend the exchange and return period.

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12. Guarantees and legal rights

The user will be covered by a legal guarantee for items purchased that prove to be defective. In such cases, the user may

  • to request the repair or replacement of the product (at its discretion, unless such remedies are excessively burdensome or impossible for L’Armadio delle Nazioni),
  • If both of the aforementioned primary remedies prove to be excessively burdensome or impossible for L'Armadio delle Meraviglie, the user may ask to terminate the contract (with refund of the purchase price by L'Armadio delle Marvel, upon return of the products by the user) or the reduction of the purchase price; o
  • to claim damages.

The purchased item is free from significant defects if, at the time of delivery, it has the agreed quality. To the extent that no specific quality has been agreed between the parties, the purchased item is considered free from significant defects if:

1. it is suitable for the use for which it is intended under the contract; and / or

2. it is suitable for the normal use for which it is intended and its quality is that normally found in articles of the same type, and the buyer can expect this quality given the type of article. The term "quality" includes those characteristics that the buyer can expect based on publicly made statements about the specific characteristics of the purchased item made by the seller, the manufacturer or his representative (by way of example but not limited to: on advertising or identification material) , unless the seller is not aware of the declaration and is not even required to be aware of it, or unless, at the time of stipulation of the contract, the quality has been changed, but it is always of the same level , or was not relevant to the decision to purchase the item.

Armadio delle Meraviglie will bear all the expenses necessary to remedy the defect; in particular: transport costs, travel expenses for employees, labor and materials. Armadio delle Meraviglie may refuse to proceed with the type of remedy chosen by the user, if this type of remedy is only possible for a disproportionate expense. In this context, in particular, by way of example but not limited to, the value of the item free from defects, the extent of the defect and the possibility of resorting to alternative remedies without causing substantial damage to the user must be taken into account. / p>

In this case, the dispute will be restricted to the alternative remedy; and the right of L’Armadio delle Nazioni to refuse the alternative type of remedy will also remain, without prejudice to the requirements referred to in point 1 above. If Armadio delle Meraviglie provides, for the purpose of remedying a user's request for a defective product, a product free from defects, L’Armadio delle Nazioni may request the return of the defective product.

The user has the right to contest the defect of the purchased product only if he reports the defect to L'Armadio delle Meraviglie immediately after having detected it, or immediately after it should reasonably have been detected . Reports of defects made within two months of their discovery will be considered timely as long as they are made by registered letter with return receipt.

The legal guarantee, relating to the non-conformity of a purchased product with respect to what is agreed in the contract, expires in two years from the purchase, without prejudice to the user's right to request a price reduction or compensation for damages, by way of exception in the context of legal actions aimed at obtaining payment of the price of the items purchased. Users are required to keep the order / invoice confirmation (and transmit it to any recipient of a product as a gift) as original proof of purchase of the product which must be attached in order to activate the legal guarantee. Placing counterfeit jewelry or accessories from other brands on Seraphic jewelry could damage it. Therefore. Armadio delle Meraviglie will not be responsible for defects caused by such use and damage to the products resulting from such improper use will not be covered by the warranty. Armadio delle Meraviglie reserves the right not to consider under warranty any item that has undergone adaptation, polishing, cleaning, repairs.

The guarantee will be applicable only to the original purchaser;

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13. Responsibility

These Conditions of Sale establish all the obligations and all the responsibilities of Armadio delle Meraviglie of Sirtori Katiuscia regarding the purchase and sale of products through the site Seraphic.it . In particular, Armadio delle Meraviglie does not guarantee that the products are suitable for the intended purposes / expectations or requests of the user.

Nothing in these Conditions of Sale shall be valid to exclude or limit the liability provided by law for L'Armadio delle Meraviglie for death or personal injury intentionally caused by L'Armadio delle Meraviglie through the fault of the same or its employees, for damage caused intentionally by L'Armadio delle Meraviglie or through gross negligence of the same or its employees, nor will it limit essential rights or duties inherent in the nature of the contract, to the extent that which the achievement of the purpose of the contract is compromised, or any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law.

Armadio delle Meraviglie will not be liable for contractual, non-contractual or other liability for financial losses (including, but not limited to, loss of profit, loss of revenue , contracts, business or expected savings), loss of data, loss of goodwill or reputation or loss or damage of any kind, or for complaints by the user and / or third parties, except as expressly provided herein, and except for damages deriving from the liability of Armadio delle Meraviglie for death or personal injury caused intentionally by L' Armadio delle Meraviglie or through the fault of the same or its employees, for damage caused intentionally by L 'Armadio delle Meraviglie for fault of the same or its employees, and with the exception of those acts that limit essential rights or duties inherent in the nature of the contract, to the extent that the achievement of the final ty of the contract is compromised.

The information contained in this Site is provided for information purposes and for general interest. While we try to keep the information contained on this Site up-to-date and accurate, we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the information. Therefore, you should not rely on such information, and we recommend that you receive further advice or guidance before taking any action based on the information contained on this Site. These provisions do not affect our liability to you as above. indicated.

Specifically, please note that some products on our Site (the "Products") may appear slightly larger or smaller than their actual size due to defects in the screen or photographic techniques. Other Products may be represented with dimensions greater than their actual dimensions in order to show any details more clearly, or with smaller dimensions in order to show the entire object. Each product has its own specific size, personally check the dimensions with a centimeter that are to your liking before placing the order, only in this way you can be sure of the actual size.

Our liability to you

  • These Terms of Use do not exclude our possible liability to you in the event of: Personal injury or death resulting from our negligence;
  • Dolo;
  • Any circumstances under which it would be unlawful to exclude or seek to limit our liability to you.

We make no warranties that this Site will be compatible with any and all hardware and software that you may use. We do not guarantee that use of this Site will not cause damage to any property, including, but not limited to, data loss and viruses. We decline any responsibility for any viruses, and you are invited to take any and all protection measures before downloading information or images from the Site.

We do not guarantee that this Site will be available at any time or at specific times. We reserve the right to withdraw from, or modify this Site at any time. We are liable to you only for the losses you may suffer as a result of our violation of these Terms of Use. We are not liable to you for any losses you may suffer that are not foreseeable as a result of our breach of these Terms of Use, for example if such losses were not considered by you or us prior to your access to this Site. Our liability to you will in no case include any loss of business you may suffer, including loss of data, profit or business interruption.

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Your use of this Site and our intellectual property rights. This Site is made available to you for your personal use, excluding your commercial purposes. We can modify, withdraw from, or deny access to this Site at any time.

We can withdraw from, or deny access to this Site at any time against a user who violates any provision of these Terms of Use.

If you choose, or are provided with, a personal identification code, password or other information according to our security procedures, you must keep this data securely and treat it such as confidential data and you must not disclose it to third parties.

This Website and all its contents including, without limitation, any text, software, documentation, trademark, logo, design, image, photography, graphics, audiovisual material, artistic material , written material or any material in any form (the "Site Contents") are our property or have been licensed to us by third parties. All copyrights or intellectual property rights of all Site Contents are our property or the property of our licensors. All rights or licenses on the Contents of the Site that are not expressly granted by the Terms of Use are reserved exclusively to Sirtori Katiuscia L'Armadio delle Marvel. It is absolutely forbidden to copy, appropriate, redistribute, reproduce any sentence, image content present on this site because it is the result of the work of the author's own intellect.

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14. Severability

If one of the provisions of these Conditions of Sale is deemed illegal, null or, for any reason, unenforceable, this provision will be deemed to be severable from these Conditions of Sale and will have no effect on the validity nor on the applicability of the remaining provisions. The unlawful provision, void or unenforceable for any reason, will be replaced by a valid provision whose ratio or "economic purpose" comes as close as possible to the unlawful provision, void or which is unenforceable for any reason.

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15. Contacts

The Customer Service Center of L'Armadio delle Marvelioni will help users with reference to related questions or disputes to orders placed on Seraphic.it .

For orders and deliveries in ITALY:

Users can contact Armadio delle Meraviglie by email or by phone at 3427867262 from Monday to Friday in the following time slot: 09.00 to h. 9.00 pm, subject to the holidays indicated below.

The Customer Service Center Armadio delle Meraviglie is closed on the following holidays:

  • December 25 (Christmas Day)
  • January 1 Easter Day and
  • Easter Monday 15th August

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16. Applicable law

These Conditions of Sale and the purchase of products from L'Armadio delle Meraviglie via Seraphic.it < / a> will be regulated and interpreted on the basis of Italian law. In the event of disputes relating to the purchase contract of the products or in any case in relation to the purchase procedure on the Seraphic.it or in relation to these Conditions of Sale, the user will always have the right to appeal to the Court of his place of residence or domicile. As required by the law on E-Commerce, in the event of consumer disputes it will be possible to use the Consumer Office ODR odr-online-dispute resolution